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Circle Bar Beef

Hanger Steak

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Hanger Steak is a long thin cut of meat taken from the plate section. It is often known as the butchers steak, because butchers often keep this cut. So you know it must be good! It is also best when marinated for a few hours then grilled over high heat. So tender and juicy!

1 steak per pack 1.5-2.0 lbs

vacuum sealed and frozen

USDA inspected and labeled

14-21 day dry age

Ranch Raised and Finished, so you know where your beef comes from

Shipping & Returns

Make sure you add route shipping insurance on your order so you will get reimbursed incase of shipping delays

Care Instructions

Freeze or refrigorate as soon as your order arrives. Do not put dry ice in your freezer.

If product is starting to thaw it is still good and ok to freeze.